This site is just for the graffiti showcase information.

Creative Mind Control, proudly presents NOCS Live Graffiti Artist Showcase. CMC brings you a variety of street artist who uses aerosol paint as medium. In some cases, some artist are traditional and some are not uses mix media. All artist who paints live at the Nightmare On Chicago Street in Elgin are open for commission. So please feel free to talk to the artist and if you like what you see – ask them for commission work. I’m sure you can work something out.

If in case artist are not present at the wall you like. You may contact Zensay and we will give them you contact information, so that they can respond to your needs. You can email us at

Graffiti Showcase

2011 NOCS

  • Diem - PUMA crew

    Chicago Native Diem will be painting for his 2nd
    time live this year 2016 at
    NOCS graffiti showcase.

  • Live Graffiti Event

    Come see a variety of graffiti artist paint live
    at the NOCS!

  • Teck - Self-Xplanatory

    Self Xplanatory crew member Teck from TCK Pro
    will be painting this year.

Intersted in painting this years NOCS
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Svengoolie New Coffin